This body of work is very self-reflective and indicative of my continuously evolving identity in relation to my heritage, my bi-cultural (Korean and Canadian) experiences and my identity as a Canadian. I utilize these bold saturated colours as I see the stark contrast of my two different worlds colliding. The reference to nature found in this work and all of my other works is from having experienced the outdoors with my family. I had not made the connection until I had realized that most of my childhood excursions primarily revolved around road trips to National Parks or local parks in the city. My more recent work has become very introspective, as I have made a considerable career change from graphic design to illustration. 

Waiting Line

This image was inspired by my own experienceof finding identity as a first generation Korean Canadian. I still face automatic generalizations and sometimes exaggerated ideas about my culture rather than taking into account my individual differences.



Growing up in Canada there were times that my family struggled, both emotionally and financially. It weighed heavily on me as a child and as an adult it still lingers in my mind.



Where I stand

I am always looking to find where I fit in this world. These images are moments of self-contemplation and curiosity of what lies ahead.